The new edition of the New Education Forum (NEF) will take place in Caserta, in Italy!
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The new edition of the New Education Forum (NEF) is now live in Caserta, in Italy!
10th May 2023
Chamber of Commerce of Caserta
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The Context

The goal of the European Commision is ambitious: to build a digital, sustainable and human-centred society in order to empower citizens and enterprises".

The digital society and digital technologies enable new ways of learning, having fun and purusing one's own ambitions. They also bring new freedom, including the opportunity to work in new professions created in the figital environment.
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New Education Forum

What is NEF?

The New Education Forum, promoted by the Center for Innovative Education since 2015, is an international platform that gathers prominent figures, leaders and innovators in the field of education, training and labor market to share their insights, ideas and experiences and to engage in a dynamic and thought-provoking discussions about challenges and opportunities for education.

Each edition of the Forum is attended by representatives of the European Commission and Parliament, educational and research institutions, international enterprises and representatives of the national and local authorities.

The next edition will be hosted for the first time in Caserta within the scope of the "Mentor 2.0" Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the EU.


Forum topics

New technologies are radically changing the way we learn and teach. The New Education Forum intends to explore the opportunities and the challenges of emerging technologies and how those can be exploited to create a more innovative and inclusive teaching environment.
The pandemic has taken a tall on the mental health of kids and education operators. The New Education Forum sets out to explore the consequences of the health emergency on the education environment and to identify possible strategies to improve the psychological well-being of young people.
In the digital era, the role of the teacher is undergoing major changes. The New Education Forum will focus on ways teachers can adapt and innovate their role in an increasingly technological context , keeping the importance of eduational relationship and empathy at the center.
Digitization is rapidly changing the labor market, and the school can not fall behind. The New Education Forum will address the topics of digitization in schools, its impact on occupations and the skills required of the workers of the future.


The event will consist of three main panels

Mental health of kids and young people:

How can school environments become more conducive to the psychological well-being of formal education students?

The new role of the educator:

transition to a new role model, institutional readiness and facilitation - How can a paradigm shift occur in the education system?

Digitization at school and at work:

How can the introduction of digital solutions in classroom work support the changing labor market and new employee needs?

Our panelist


Pina PICIERNO Vicepresident of European Parliament
Loukas ZAHILAS Department Head for IFP and Cedefop qualifications
Tommaso DE SIMONE President of the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta
Armida FILIPPELLI Assessore Formazione Professionale of Regione Campania
Cecile LE CLERCQ DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture - Schools and Multilingualism unit, European Commision
Joanna BOCHNIARZ General Director, Center for Innovative Education
Tomasz KOBYLAŃSKI Principal Expert, Education department, city of Cracovia
Maria del Carmen LÓPEZ CRUZ Director of the European Fund Department at Femxa Group (ES)
Claudio Masotti Vice President of the European Parents' Association
Sergio Cotecchia Research Lab Manager of Protom
Lucia Michela DANIELE Professor at Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Department of Economics
Miriam LANZETTA Project Manager at Lascò S.r.l., Project Management Professional (PMP)®, educator and journalist
Andreas RIEPL Head of the Federal Center of eEducation, Austrian Ministry of Education
Enrico VICECONTE Professor, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
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